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About driving courses Perth for new beginner learner drivers and learner drivers who have had some experience. We are trading as the Scottish Driving School which was established in 1986 in the Perth area of Scotland. Malcolm, the founder has been helping new drivers to pass their test since 1977. Learners have been helped in some of the large cities in the UK including, Birmingham & Edinburgh. Specialist driving courses for nervous pupils and new learner drivers are our most popular course.

Learners who are coming up for their driving test can gain the edge, by our unique training methods. Pupil focused lessons from start to finish. Malcolm first of all looks at the needs of his student before integrating that which needs to be achieved to pass a driving test.

Correctional training is also provided for those students who have failed a previous test.

Building confidence

Our confidence building approach that we offer to all pupils, who are learning to drive a car for the first time; is perfect for the nervous learner driver. You will learn that there are rules you must follow [Highway Code] and there is a road user etiquette, which you would be advised to adopt.
Perth intensive driving courses give beginners the opportunity to learn at their own pace, without worrying about a driving test, in the early stages. That will take care of itself once you have raised your skill set. We also take care of those pupils who need to fast track their driving test.

Because we specialise in confidence building techniques a nervous learner driver becomes more confident. A new driver would have the car controls explained in detail; and then given the opportunity to practice on quiet roads. All learner drivers will have their driving lessons designed especially for their own personal requirements.

Nervous Learner Drivers

About driving courses Perth and the first time driver a step by step learning to drive safely approach will always be used. Light traffic and no busy roundabouts just straightforward car control is practiced on the quietest roads in the area. As a result your confidence will grow, and then you will gradually build up your traffic experience.
Consequently when you have gained the car control skills needed, and understood the rules, you will be looking forward to expanding your lessons. Busy roads, lane discipline, multi-lane roundabouts, traffic lights, dual carriageways would be used more frequently. Sat nav training would also be carried out at this stage as would independent driving (following road signs).

Driving Lessons and Personal Coaching

About driving courses Perth and our learner driver training programme is conducted by the Scottish Driving School . And is more than just the type of driving school that probably your parents or grandparents, learned to drive with. It’s a complete new philosophy for driving lessons; from learner driver, to full licence, to lifetime skills. Our innovated approach means you’re not just instructed, you’re inspired by a professional life coach using the latest coaching methods.

We don’t just focus on getting you through the driving test (although our first time pass rate is higher than most). We’ll go further, putting lifelong learning at the heart of all we do. From mastering the basics at an earlier age, to gaining your licence with more confidence, to enhancing your enjoyment of driving whatever your age. We believe you should never stop learning to drive.

Learner Driver Coaching involves the car, the personality and teaching methods of the instructor. The old version of driving instruction,told the learner driver what to do. Driver coaching motivates, and encourages you, to understand more, which results in a more confident driver. You could say a driving coach is a manager of your learning to drive experience extending far beyond the act of teaching. About driving courses Perth and teachers (driving instructor) manage all pupils learn to drive experience by:

  • presenting the experience to the student;
  • creating opportunities to practice;
  • observing the students reactions;
  • assessing progress.

Safe driving for life

Our unique, step-by-step approach to learning to drive prepares you for each stage of your journey. The foundations carefully in place, the techniques

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About us contact email form

perfected, the basics confidently grasped, the correct attitude.

Taking your test would be something you’ll take in your stride, positive about your ability to pass first time (but not complacent) and ready to continue the learning process to ever more advanced levels.
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