Driving Test Failure

The national pass rate for a UK driving test is around 43% . The biggest reason for failing the driving test first time is poor preparation.

Once a learner driver has failed a driving test or two, they become more aware, more sure as to the requirements needed to become a good safe confident driver. This understanding and learning has come at a considerable price by taking extra lessons and paying for more than necessary driving test fees.

By having structured learning and a good driving instructor could save on both time and money. Be more prepared before taking your test to have the best chance of passing first time.

When you rush into a driving test to early and unprepared you not only cost yourself a lot of money, but also a lot of time. Not to mention the disappointment you might feel. You would have failed your driving test because the driving examiner thought that you were not safe enough to be allowed on a public road – no matter what you may think.

You may have had over 100 driving lessons, usually in the same district. Compare this to a driving examiner who has had possibly one million hours of driving in a lot of different districts. Who do you think has the best judgement of being a safe driver?

With this thought at the front of your mind you could re-look at your driving test fail with a different insight.

Something to think about

One statement that has been said many times by people learning a new subject is that they don’t have time, they need to rush into an exam or test situation, because they don’t have time. After failing, where does this new time now come from to do a re-sit if it wasn’t there before!