Driving test Perth Scotland

driving test perth scotland

Driving test Perth Scotland

The blind spot check is an essential part of the practical driving testThe driving test Perth Scotland is administered by the DVSA, which is an executive agency of the Department for Transport. The DVSA conducts about 2 million ‘L’ tests on cars and motorcycles every year, as well as administering the vocational tests for LGV and PCV drivers.

To ensure uniformity in the conduct of practical driving tests, all the DVSA’s driving examiners are trained at the Training Centre at Cardington, Bedford. They are monitored regularly and are sometimes accompanied on test by a senior member of staff.

Apart from driving test marking a driving examiner has other roles to play.


The practical driving test Perth Scotland, can be booked online at book-practical-test . Tests can also be changed or cancelled online.
Find your nearest test centre.

The Driving Test marking syllabus

  • Eye sight test
  • Safety questions (show me tell me)
  • Safety precautions
  • Controls
  • Moving away
  • Emergency stop
  • Reverse to the left or right
  • Turn in the road
  • Reverse parking
  • Use of mirrors
  • Signalling
  • Response to signs and signals
  • Use of speed Following distance
  • Maintaining progress
  • Junctions
  • Judgement
  • Positioning
  • Clearance to obstructions
  • Pedestrian crossings
  • Position for normal stops
  • Awareness and planning
  • Ancillary controls
  • Eco-safe driving

Before booking a practical driving test Perth Scotland, you must have already passed your theory test. Deciding when to book your driving test should be made when you are on the way to being able to pass. Booking a test first then learning how to drive usually causes more stress than necessary. Learning the basics of driving should be carried out without the pressure of a driving test. Once the basics have been mastered and your driving lessons are more about practicing than learning new material a driving test will have a lessor affect on your concentration.

The form used by DSA examiners for a driving test is called the DL 25 and is used for all driving tests. Pass or fail every learner driver receives this form.

DSA examiners marking sheet – DL 25 (click image to download a copy)


Eye Site Test

You’ll have to read a number plate from a distance of:

  • 20 metres for vehicles with a new-style number plate
  • 20.5 metres for vehicles with an old-style number plate

You can write down what you see if you can’t speak English or have difficulty reading.

You’ll fail your driving test and the test won’t continue if you can’t pass the eyesight test.

Vehicle safety questions: ‘show me, tell me’

You’ll be asked 2 vehicle safety questions. One before the driving part of the test starts and one whilst on the move.These are also known as the ‘show me, tell me’ questions.

The examiner will ask you one ‘show me’ question, where you’ll have to show them how you’d carry out a vehicle safety check.

You’ll also be asked one ‘tell me’ question, where you’ll have to explain to the examiner how you’d carry out the check.

The driving ability part

Double roundabouts can be used as part of a driving testThe driving part of your test will last about 40 minutes. Throughout the test your examiner will be looking for an overall safe standard of driving.
Your general driving ability is taken on overall performance and the test marking is reflected in this.

During your driving test Perth Scotland, the examiner will give you directions that you should follow. You’ll drive in various road and traffic conditions. You should drive in the way your instructor has trained you.

Your test marking is based on road safety and understanding the rules of the road. Learn theory test Besides the theory test app. you should read the Highway Code

Which will include:

normal stops – that is parking on the left-hand side of a road
Moving off safely from a parked position
an angle start (pulling out from behind a parked vehicle)
a hill start – up or down or both

You might also be asked to carry out an emergency stop.
Reversing your vehicle safely

You’ll have to show how well you can reverse your vehicle. The examiner will ask you to do one of the following exercises:

Parking on the right-hand side of a road. Then reversing, keeping close to the kerb for two car lengths. Moving away from the kerb to return back to the left side of the road.

reverse parking – either into a parking bay, or parallel parking at the side of the road

Forward parking into a parking bay

Independent test section – Following road signs

Following directions from a sat nav. You won’t be asked to do both

Your driving test will include around 10 minutes of independent driving. It’s designed to assess your ability to drive safely while making decisions on your own.

Independent driving test diagram as used by the driving examiner.

Independent driving test route diagram

If you make mistakes

Carry on if you make a mistake, because if it’s not a serious mistake it might not affect your result.