Driving Test Window Wipers

window wipers

Driving test window wipers fact! 

AS part of the new driving test a candidate must show adequate knowledge and awareness of the car controls. An obvious control are the indicators they should be switched on when required and switched off when no longer required. But what about the window wiper control switch? On a driving test window wipers must be on or off according to the situation.

Do all candidates know about the window wiper switch

I wonder if even driving instructors are aware that you could fail your driving test if you leave the window wipers on after a shower of rain.

Window Wipers

Window Wipers

“Not possible” I can hear you say. It is possible if by leaving the window wipers on just happens to be your 16th driving fault.

According to one driving examiner a learner driver could be marked as many times as the window wiper operates without a valid reason to have them on. But examiners are human are they not, after all!  Of course, they would only mark it down the once.

A learner driver is allowed up to 15 minor faults on their driving test and no major faults at all. A minor fault can be converted into a major fault if the same minor fault has been repeated consistently throughout the test usually more than 3 times. A minor fault is converted into a major fault when it becomes the 16th driving fault, hence the window wiper story.


driving test window wipers