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DVSA Approved Instructor

DVSA Approved Instructor

A DVSA Approved Driving Instructor near me is an essential addition for anyone who wants to learn to drive a car. A professional instructor can oversee a pupils driver training. In the end though, it will be the learner driver who has to put in the necessary hours of training, before a  test can be passed. Professional lessons are made up of a two person team – both instructor + pupil. Pupils learn at a faster rate when supervised, rather than instructed the whole time. Lessons given in an easy to follow method is the key to a less stressful lesson. A DVSA Approved driving instructor near me, believes that by learning to drive safely on a structured course of lessons, produces very confident drivers and safe drivers. Taking lessons close together, such as with an intensive course of lessons enhances the learning experience.

Learning to drive seems like a challenging and lengthy process especially for nervous students. A nervous learner becomes very confident when encouragement is given.
Learning to drive is only a stressful process if you choose it be so. The Scottish Driving School which provides top class intensive lessons using the experience of a professional instructor. Intensive courses in Perth are to help the nervous first time driver understand how to control a car. Eventually able to follow the rules of  being able to keep calm  and safe, in a step by step process.

Intensive Courses Save Time

Happy confident learner driver completes her intensive course in Perth

My driving instructor helped me to pass my test with confidence.

A driving instructor near me would be familiar with the local roads in Perth. Learning to drive the conventional way of taking one lesson each week. Is time consuming and expensive for the new learner driver.

It would normally take around 12 – 18 months to learn to drive this way. The cost would be twice as much as an intensive  course.

Intensive courses are now a modern way of learning to drive. The old method of a ‘crash course’, where your first lesson was on a Monday, and test the following Friday. Those courses do not work effectively for new learner drivers. There is simply too much to learn in a very short time.

Perth intensive courses provided by a driving instructor near me would encourage all learner drivers to become safe confident drivers through the process of understanding car control and knowing the rules of  good safe car control.

Specialist Professional Coaching

DVSA Approved Driving Lesson. Pupil driving a car.

DVSA Approved Driving instructor near me

Our intensive courses are booked by the half day, full day, or weekly according to your needs. If you live outside of the Perth area then a residential intensive course should be booked. Students living in the Glasgow, Edinburgh, Stirling, Kinross, Pitlochry areas can easily travel to Perth and met at Perth train or bus station.
For the learner driver who has failed a test or two, these courses are a perfect way to re-build confidence and to see how to drive a car from perhaps a different angle than the last test. The biggest reason for failing a test is taking it before you are ready, both mentally and in terms of practice.

Your learn to drive instructor will help train you on every step of your learning to drive experience. Your personal instructor will bring the best out in you and encourage you when you are having one of those ‘dark days’. Full List of available courses