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how many driving lessons

How Many Driving Lessons

How many driving lessons will you need? The number of driving lessons a new driver would need before reaching driving test standard varies according to certain pre-learning to drive conditions & the method of driver training being used.

The Driver Vehicle Standards Agency [Driving examiners authority] state that the average new driver will need 50/60 professional lessons plus 20/30 hours of private practice before they would be ready to pass their driving test. This may seem a lot of hours, but remember it is only an average, which means some people will need a lot more than the hours quoted and some people would need less.

The best way to look at those numbers is to plan for the worst & hope for the best. In other words plan financially for your driving lessons to cost more than you first thought and for them to take longer than you thought. That way you will not be disappointed, but you could be pleasantly surprised if you complete your lessons in less time.

Try the quiz written below, this will give you a more accurate guide to how many driving lessons you might require based on your personal circumstance. The result will also explain why you might need that number of lessons. The result is only intended as a guide based on your personal circumstance. Included in your result will be advice on how you could reduce these hours of driver training

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