Learner Driver Theory Test – Practical Test – Learner Drivers Need To Combine Both

learner driver theory test

Learner driver theory test and practical test should be thought of as one unit. That is when taking a practical driving test, a thorough knowledge of the rules on the road is a must. Many a new driver thinks that when they have passed the theory test, they know all of the rules. Especially the pupil who has only used a phone app. in their studies. Using the phone app. exclusively will only help students remember certain questions. I have not met many students who studied for their theory test by digging deeper than a phone app.

Highway Code Online

I wonder how many students reading this article have actually studied the Highway Code? There is an online version of the Highway Code here. It is freely available to anyone. I have mentioned the app. and given the link to an online version, but they both have a downside. When you scroll through anything online,

Learner driver theory test check blindspot

Highway Code check Blind spot

you are not getting the full picture. Important information is very easy to miss, and you get tired of scrolling through lots of rules and regulations. Clicking a link can take you off topic as well.

Highway Code – Book Version

The book version of the Highway Code is much easier to use as a study aid. You can find a quick reference to a topic that you can’t remember its name. You do this by simply flicking through the pages until it catches your eye. Using a search box with the online version calls for you to at least remember part of a name you are looking for.

Here is a thought you might want to consider: ” If you are interested in any sport or hobby that requires ‘rules’. Would you not wish to know those rules to get the most enjoyment of your sport or hobby?” To pass a driving test you need to have car control and follow the rules of the Highway Code.