learning to drive levels

What are the five levels?

The meaning of each level is:

  • level one – the skill is introduced
  • level two – it can be carried out under full instruction
  • level three – it can be carried out correctly when prompted
  • level four – it rarely needs to be prompted
  • level five – you can carry it out all the time without any prompting

Levels one to four should be initialled and dated by your instructor, and full details added when you reach level five.

The driver’s record will help to remind you what you are trying to achieve, how to get there and how far you have got.

Practising your driving skills

It’s important to practise what you have learned during your lessons. Get together with your instructor and the person who will be helping you to practise and discuss what you need to do.

Try to practise:

  • on as many types of road as you can
  • in all sorts of traffic and weather conditions, even in the dark
  • on dual carriageways where the national speed limit applies – you may be asked to drive on this type of road during your test

Keep a record of any practice you do on different types of road and during different conditions between lessons. This will help you to remember how much practice you have had in the different conditions.

You should also record any worries you may have about your driving and then discuss these with your instructor.

Download ‘Driver’s record private practice sheet’ (PDF, 39K)