Perth Driving Test Centre Arran road waiting list

perth driving test centre
DVSA July waiting list for Perth

Perth driving test centre has a waiting list that now extend into July. There are limited vacancies in the July period at this time. Anyone who needs to pass in a short time is advised to book their intensive driving course as soon as possible. This would get all learner drivers ready before the actual date. A cancellation could then be applied for. Completing driving lessons this way means that you will know exactly what standard you will be at before you meet the driving examiner. If a vacancy does not become available soon then you will have at least not to worry about the training. Even though the waiting list is 3 months, you can turn it to your advantage, by learning to drive NOW. Contact Us for more advice.

Perth driving test centre

The DVSA test centre in Perth is located at Arran Road Perth PH1 3RN.
There is a one-way system in operation so be mindful of this when entering through the gates.
Lorries and trailer tests take place at the same time as cars. But there is plenty of room to navigate around the centre. Cars should be parked in the marked bays and the reception is a short walk towards the main building. There is no need to report to reception. If you sit in the waiting room an examiner will join you at the time of your test.

At Perth driving test centre the examiner will ask to see your driving licence. You will then be asked to sign a form. This form is the driving examiners report form which you receive at the end of your test, whether you pass or fail. The examiner will ask if you still live at the address as shown on your licence.

“Would you like your instructor to accompany you?” the examiner will say. This means, with your permission your instructor will be aloud to go along on your test. If you say “No”. You will then be asked “Would you like your instructor to be there at the end of your test?” This means that your instructor will come out of the office at the end of your test. The instructor is then able to listen to the result and examiners comments about the way you drive.

Perth driving test centre Is located in the busiest part of Perth. All learner drivers should be familiar with and be capable of navigating busy roundabouts. The roundabouts by the test centre have either two or three lanes. Independent driving or satnav driving could be given to you before you leave the test centre.

Observations are top category for failing

Lack of observations are the top category for failing a driving test. What are effective observations? I know the thought by the DVSA is that all driving instructors should train their pupils to take effective observations at all times. But what exactly are effective observations?

Here is a guide;

  • Junctions – look both right & left before emerging and that does not mean a quick look. A closed junction is where residential gardens extend to the edge of a footpath. These tend to be the type of junction which requires a stop or pause before emerging.
  • Emerging from a junction and causing another vehicle to slow down because you entered the main road in front of them. Can be called “Not taking effective observations”.
  • Switching from one lane to another without checking the mirrors is a common fail at Perth test centre, due to the nature of road markings. A learner driver thinks they are in the correct lane (a lot of the time they are). But then happen to notice that the lane next to them has the destination printed on the road. Panic now sets in, and they switch lanes without checking. Whereas that would never be necessary. You don’t fail your test because you are in the wrong lane. It’s how you deal with it becomes the fail. The driving examiner is only looking for driving faults, not directional errors.