Show me questions driving test December 2017

show me questions

show me questionsShow me questions on the new driving test commencing 4th December 2017 will be asked whilst driving. On the original test the questions were asked at the same time, both ‘show me’ and’ tell me’ questions.

Only one question will be asked of each candidate at different times, one question whilst stationary and the other whilst driving. Because the questions were originally asked whilst the car was parked up, any wrong answers would result in a minor fault. But now on the new test the ‘show me’ questions are going to be asked whilst driving, a serious fault could be incurred.

Failing a test on ‘show me’ questions is now possible

Failing a driving test on the ‘show me’ questions is now a possibility. For example when a driving test candidate is asked “When it is safe to do so, could you show me how you would wash the rear windscreen”. The driving test candidate then proceeds to search for the window washer switch by taking their eyes off the road for some period, or the car veers off the straight line.  Maybe the car in front brakes or the traffic light turns red. The list is endless of the potential hazards.

The examiner has stated “When it is safe to do so.” But learner drivers may take a while to fathom out the correct switch, by which time it might no longer be safe. Too late though, the distraction or time lapse, has already occurred. There is however a way out that not many students realise. If you are not sure where any of the control switches are, you can ask the examiner if you can park up. Once you have parked up in a safe place you would be allowed to look for the appropriate switch.

Here is the video clip of the new  ‘show me’ questions.