Tip to pass a driving test in less than 40 attempts

pass driving test in less than 40 attempts

How to pass your driving test in less than 40 attempts is the problem facing learners who are finding the art of driving to be more difficult than first thought. The latest report from the DVSA shows that learner drivers can take 40 or more practical tests before they eventually pass. I can only assume that these driving test candidates have not fully grasped that they need to learn how to drive first. Some people blame nerves being a factor in failing. I asked one of my students this question 10 lessons before their first test. “Why do you think you would be nervous on your test?” The reply came back, “Passing would make me nervous”. An interesting answer! My response, “You are going to fail, so are you now any more nervous?” Pupil replied, “No I feel better about taking my test now. I know I’m going to fail.”

Nervous learner drivers should read this

Tip to pass a driving test

tip to pass a driving test
Driving test route

When you are ten lessons away from taking a driving test, you should focus on learning and not the final result. The result will take care of itself if you focus on the journey of learning and not the outcome.
Sometimes this lack of understanding is compounded by listening to other people, especially those who found driving a vehicle easy. At the other end of the scale, a learner new to the subject might have created a mental blockage of defeat before the learning process even started. This is called self-sabotage. When you are afraid to learn something new, you are holding yourself back from creating a more meaningful life. Look at the positive side of learning to drive, not the negative.

Tip to pass a driving test: When a person states that they can’t carry out a particular task they are right. When they say they can, they are right also. Whatever the mind perceives is always the truth to that person. We all have control over our outcomes in life, and those outcomes will always come from the person who created it. Be aware of the unintentional comments spoken by well meaning friends and family. When taken literally, those comments can destroy your confidence. It’s not you that’s wrong, its others around you may be giving you the wrong type of encouragement.
As a footnote, the pupil mentioned earlier passed their first driving test with no errors. This pupil now joins the ranks of five others who passed for the first time with no faults and the four who accomplished an excellent result with one mistake. All of those students started their lessons as nervous as anyone else. Their confidence grew as the progressed through the learning process. Tip to pass a driving test: Learn to drive first, before even thinking of a test.

Avoid these pitfalls

A learner driver who needs forty attempts should receive a badge of merit for persistence. Before this happens to you though, perhaps you should make sure that you understand each tip to pass a driving test;

  1. How to drive using car control skills
  2. The rules of the road [Highway Code]
  3. Relationship with other road users, who maybe have forgotten the rules
  4. Concentrating on one moment in time.
    As an example: What is the point when you are coming out of Perth driving test centre and thinking of how to navigate a busy roundabout? There are no busy roundabouts until you have driven for a while.